Grads: 82: Robin Webb
Occupation: Director Car Colours: Light blue
Company: Vegetarian Shoes Car Year: 1998
Company's Service: Hometown: Three Bridges
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Brands Hatch
Sponsors: Viscom Design ltd
Race History: Legends, 2CV's, Karting
Race Highlights:

Grads: 85: Mark Carter
Occupation: Consultant Engineer Car Colours: Orange and Black
Company: Divergent Engineering Ltd Car Year: 2000
Company's Service: Engineering Consultancy Hometown: Dorchester
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: None in Dorset!
Race History: Competed in club100 karting sprints and did some endurance karting events, including the British 24 Hours, before joining the Caterham Graduates.
Drove a NASCAR in Florida at 133 mph.
Had 10 glorious laps of the Circuit du Var in a 1991 AGS Formula One car with 650 bhp to play with!
Lapped Las Vegas Motor Speedway at 169 mph in an Indycar, topping 182 mph on the 'straightaway'.
Race Highlights: 2013 : Finished 8th out of 16 in my first 'proper' motor race, which was at Pembrey, and came 9th in the Classic Championship. 2014 : Ended my second season with a 3rd place at Spa Francorchamps (my first podium) and secured 6th place in the Classic Championship. 2015 : Best results of 4th place at Brands Hatch and at Zandvoort, and finished 5th in the Classic Championship. 2016: 3rd again at Spa and 6th in the Classic Championship after having to miss my first race meeting.
Interests: Motor Racing, Bobsleigh, Trekking in the Mountains and staying alive long enough to get something back from my Pension Plan.

Grads: 86: Iain Kinghorn
Occupation: Chief Engineer Car Colours: Blue / Yellow
Company: Flakt Woods Ltd. Car Year: 2000
Company's Service: Hometown: Layer de la Haye
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Snetterton
Race History: 2015 - Bought a really fast Classic, entered 6 races and peeled off the novice cross
2016 - 8th in the Classics Championship
2017 - 8th in Classics again
2018 - 6th in Classics
Race Highlights:

Grads: 87: Trevor Harber
Occupation: Electrical Project Manager. Car Colours: White
Company: Car Year: 2000
Company's Service: Hometown: Guildford
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Brands Hatch
Sponsors: Driver
Race History: Ards test in Feb 2008.
Raced all eight rounds and recorded a finish.
Raced for four seasons still no podium Best finish is fourth.
2017 Best finish was 3rd at Zandvoort no other podiums.
2018 Season was not the best just Podium at Anglesey.
Race Highlights: Best result 10th at Silverstone. 5th at Anglsey. 4th at Brands Hatch 2009. 2010 Zolder the best racing experience. 2011 Was Castle Combe briefly running in second place before another fourth place. 2012 First trip to Spa was the best Experience. 2013 Still no podium but good weather and good racing at Spa was the racing highlight, but some good social weekends with the grads make up for that. 2014 7 podiums with the highlight by far on the podium at SPA taking my first second place at such an iconic circuit and in the wet. 2015 Best season yet no race wins still but finished third in class. 2016 1 podium mechanical woes along the way but enjoyable year. Still no race wins Highlight winning the Ben Vickers award for driving standards. 2017 Zandvoort coming third was the highlight of the season. 2018 Season highlight was putting the car on pole for both races at Anglesey.
Interests: Restoring british motorbikes and riding them.

Grads: 88: Peter Tattersall
Occupation: Systems Test Engineer Car Colours: Alunimium / Black
Company: Tattersall Computer Developments Limited Car Year: 2000
Company's Service: Software / Systems Test Engineer Hometown: Burnley
Company Webpage: com Local Circuit: Oulton Park
Sponsors: Myself. Unfortunately my accountant cannot justify sponsorship through my business.
Race History: At the start of 2016 I wrote in my blog that I was targeting three podiums, with at least one win. This was quite a claim considering my mid-field and lower results until then. The confidence came from the support that GRS was providing, who started looking after me in 2015 and helped me towards a Thruxton third-place that year. It turned out that I wasnít far off with my 2016 predictions. I was punted out of the lead at the last corner at Thruxton and only just missed out on a podium at Brands Hatch. A crash whilst on the pace at Oulton Park took me out for a quarter of the season, whilst my Spa performance was, sadly, disappointing.

For 2017, if the car is as well sorted as we believe, it is going to be a good year. Whilst eight podiums is an over-ambitious target, four is more than attainable. So Iíll settle for predicting a win and two podiums in the first half of the season and building from there in the second half. (Postscript: I actually scored a win, a second and two thirds in the first half and two seconds in the second half).

2017 Race Results
Oulton Park
I didnít even know if I would race at Oulton Park, having just lost my mum. She was always proud of my racing and would want me to attend. I decided to go as I have a lot of good friends in the paddock and amongst the Classics in particular, so just wanted to friendly company.

I decided to race. On the opening lap of Race 1, in the pouring rain, a stranded car caused a poorly-displayed red flag. On the restart I drove to a lonely fourth, followed by a fifth later that day.

Qualified second for Race 1. Got an immediate lead which I lost soon after. Spent the race dicing for the lead and picked up my first ever win. This despite the handling having gone awry.

The diff failed in the first lap of qualifying, so I had to start at the back of the grid. I soon caught the lead pack and had a very busy time. Avoiding a collision late on dropped me back, but I was able to finish second.

Cadwell Park
Qualified second for both races; I had not expected to do well, so that was a god start. The Race 1 start was a farce, as only the new drivers had been told that there would be no green flag lap. I held onto third and later challenged for the lead with a foolish move that was only ever going to end in contact. This caused damage to my car that contributed to a spin into the tyre-wall. It was a big hit but somehow the car was okay and I continued on to finish a lonely third.

Race 2's start involved a lot of wheel-spin which dropped me to third. Poor tactics dropped me to fifth before I regained fourth. Having taken third at the entry to The Mountain, I was tagged and spun out on the exit to it, dropping me to ninth place. I spent the rest of the race catching and passing cars, finishing in third.

Donington Park
No testing, which is rare for me. I do know the circuit though, so felt it was not necessary. I was off the pace in qualifying and then was punted off in the first lap, ending my race.

An electrical issue developed which was eventually traced to a wire coming loose at I turned right, causing the car to continuously stall and bump-start. As a result I finished tenth in Race One. With the issue sorted for Race Two, I challenge for second on the final lap, went off and had to settle for fifth.

A subdued weekend with me feeling I was down on power. Two seventh places was the result. We later believed it was the new unscrubbed tyres I was running post-Donington Park, causing low exit speed onto the final long straight.

Now onto my third set of tyres, this time scrubbed. This turned out to be the solution that I was seeking, as my competitiveness was back. Qualifying was a disaster as I was slowed in the first lap which proved to be the only dry lap; I wasn't far into the second lap when the rain came down, so I qualified seventh and fourth for my two races.

Race 1 went well until I caught a slower Super that did not let me by for over a lap, by which time my race was ruined and I finished sixth.

Race 2 was better. I lead into the first corner and again several times, as did most of the leaders. I finished second, just 0.03 seconds behind race winner Smith.

A diff. blew up in the first test session. Trevor Harbor came to my rescue with a loan of his spare. This was over-filled with oil for Race 1 and so I finished fifth. This was after I and Paul Hawker collided along the Hangar straight as he was passing very close by, and a gust of wind caught me car pushing me into Paul. Both our on-board footage show that we did not steer towards each other; actually I steered a little away from Paul, but my reactions were not quick enough.

Race 2. Decent start. Led for a while. Accidentally retook the lead going into the first corner of the last lap (I was aiming for second, as no-one wants to lead along Hanger Straight on the last lap). Dropped to third and re-took second on the final corner. This contributed to a third-placed finish in the championship.
Race Highlights: 2017 Highlights: Pembrey, Races 3 and 4: I had my first win followed by a second place. Two third places followed at Cadwell Park despite a big crash in the first race and being spun out in the second. At Snetterton I picked up my second runner-up pot by finishing 0.02 seconds behind the winner. Another second-place finish came at the final race of the season at Silverstone, which was enough to place me third in the championship.
Interests: Twice a week I enjoy going to the gym where I spend 2.5 hours trying to kill myself. I do mainly circuit training (I have over 60 one-minute exercises, which are building as I add to them). I concentrate on my core muscles, back, knees and balance. Amongst the weirder of my exercises are one-legged squats on a dome and two-legged squats while standing on a medicine ball. I enjoy reading and have discovered 'Faction' (fiction based on fact). Authors include Scarrow, Cornwell, Sidebottom and Iggulden. I particularly look for books based on Ancient Rome. I have written a children's book on a boy who becomes a racing driver. For 2017 I started and edited the CGRC newsletter, Graduate News.

Grads: 89: Michael Segal
Occupation: retired Car Colours: green
Company: n.a Car Year: 2000
Company's Service: n.a Hometown: kingswood
Company Webpage: n.a Local Circuit: brands
Sponsors: n.a
Race History: raced in 750 motor club. last race wilhire 24 hour race at snetterton.
Race Highlights: finishing the 24hour in our golf gti,raced caterham the last four years .
Interests: tennis, golf , eating

Grads: 90: Andrew Cooper
Occupation: Head of Operations, FX Finance Car Colours: Silver / Black
Company: Car Year: 2000
Company's Service: Hometown: Chatham
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Brands Hatch
Race History: Second season racing Classics with the Grads.
Highest scoring novice last year!
Race Highlights:

Grads: 91: Darren Grainger
Occupation: Management Accountant Car Colours: VW Jazz(Light) Blue
Company: Car Year: 2000
Company's Service: Hometown: Calne
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Castle Combe/Thruxton
Sponsors: Text to display
Race History: 2007 Class: Grads
Started Racing: Grads 2002
No of races: 100+
Best result: 5
No of wins:
No of podiums:
Race Highlights: Qualifying 2nd for both races at Oulton Park 2013 and finishing 6th in the first race. Finishing 5th at Thruxton 18 after gearbox problems in qualifying and running 8th miles behind the battling pack when I got the benefit of a four car tow! Finishing 7th Overall 2014 Championship Best Improver Medals from Rockingham 05, Snetterton 06, Pembery 06, Spa 06, Pembery 07, Mallory 07 & Silverstone 08(x2), Silverstone 11, Donington Pk 11, Thruxton 12, Oulton 12, Silverstone 13, Donington 13, Donington 14, Anglesey 14 & Pembery 14(x2), Silverstone 14 & Croft 14 & Rockingham 14, Snetterton 14
Interests: Skiing, Football, Tennis, Music, Retro Computing

Grads: 95: Paul Hawker
Occupation: Retired Car Colours: Black and Orange
Company: Car Year: 1999
Company's Service: Hometown: Kingswood
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Brands
Race History:
Race Highlights:

Grads: 98: Robert Appleton
Occupation: retired from army Car Colours: black/green
Company: Car Year: 2001
Company's Service: Hometown: Ollerton
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Oulton Park
Sponsors: The Mill@STONE
Race History: novice
Race Highlights: novice
Interests: offshore sailing, skiing, classic cars

Grads: 99: Nigel Liddell
Occupation: Chartered Accountant Car Colours: Black
Company: N J Liddell & Co Car Year: 2000
Company's Service: Hometown: Halesworth
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Snetterton
Race History: Started racing in Graduates club in 2008, no previous race experience.
Race Highlights: