150: 21: Roger Ford (Age: 58)
Occupation: Software Product Manager Car Colours: Black
Company: Oracle Car Year: 2014
Company's Service: Computer hardware and software Hometown: Twickenham
Company Webpage: http://www.oracle.com Local Circuit: Brands
Sponsors: GafferTape.com
Race History: 10 years bike racing, before multiple injuries stopped play. Took a year off to recover then joined 2004 Caterham Academy. After Academy went into Supergrads, moved to Megas a couple of years ago. Had a break last year before joining 150s.

Podium places - one win at Spa, a few podium places elsewhere.
Race Highlights: British Motorcycle Racing Club 250GP Champion 2000. Spa 2008 class win.
Interests: Sad computer nerd. Would be into flying, scuba diving and skiing if I had any money left after racing, which I don't.

150: 41: Henry Heaton (Age: 29)
Occupation: Sales Manager - Milwaukee Tools UK Car Colours: Not sure. Will be a CTS car.
Company: Car Year: 2014
Company's Service: Hometown: Leeds
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Croft
Race History: Never raced with the grads before so Croft will be my first foray into grads racing.

Usually race with the BRSCC and Caterham Motorsport in the 420R championship. Started racing in the Caterham Academy in 2013 and won the championship that year.
Race Highlights:
Interests: Running, cycling, skiing, racing and tinkering!

150: 66: Barry White (Age: 54)
Occupation: SVP Commercial Car Colours: Grey/ Red
Company: Meggitt PLC Car Year: 2014
Company's Service: Aerospace and Defence Systems Hometown: Weybridge
Company Webpage: www.meggitt.com Local Circuit: Brands Hatch
Sponsors: 12 Dots 12 Dots
Race History: National Pro-Kart Endurance Clubman Champions 2008

Caterham Graduates Supers
2011: finished 22nd in my 1st year racing in Caterham Graduates
2012: finished 11th
2013: finished 10th
2014: finished 11th
2015: finished 12th (3 events)
2016: finished 9th
2016: finished [9th] (5 events)
2017: first class pole at Oulton, best finish 1st at Snetterton. Finished 3rd in Championship and Best Consistent Finisher
2018: finished 13th - first year of Sigmax
2019: moved to 150 - finished 1st in Class
Race Highlights: Qualifying on Pole at Oulton in the first round of 2017. Qualifying on Pole and finishing 1st at Snetterton in 2017.
Interests: Skiing! Good company, food, and wine!

150: 88: Adam Cottrell (Age: 17)
Occupation: Student Car Colours: Orange
Company: Knoll Design Engineering Ltd Car Year: 2014
Company's Service: F1 Aerodynamic Design Hometown: Norwich
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Snetterton
Sponsors: Knoll Design Engineering
Race History: Novice Caterham Pilot, raced Rotax Junior Kart from age 11-16 in two club championships
Race Highlights: great memories of close wheel to wheel battles in Karting but hoping the best is yet to come!
Interests: iRacing and Formula 1 - aiming to study Aerodynamics at university and work in F1. Was a pretty decent Rugby player and Tri-Athlete

150: 93: Robert Appleton (Age: 61)
Occupation: retired from army Car Colours: black/green
Company: Car Year: 2001
Company's Service: Hometown: Ollerton
Company Webpage: Local Circuit: Oulton Park
Sponsors: The Mill@STONE
Race History:
Race Highlights:
Interests: offshore sailing, skiing, classic cars