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Caterham Graduates – PremierPower Race & Performance Engines – Engine Servicing

Hi Everyone,

Premier Power this year was nominated as a recognized engine supplierfor the Sigmax Championship.  We havehelped several customers this year with engine rebuilds or engine related workfor the series.  As nominated enginesuppliers, this means we are able to ensure engines are built to a levelplaying field and our rolling road sign off process has already proven enginesare leaving us with one or two horsepower of each other.  This is down to attention to detail duringthe build process ensuring cam timing is almost identical on each engine, valveclearances are set correctly and tight build tolerances are adhered too.  As part of the final build process, we alsofit seals to the engines which are to ensure the engines stay in the conditionthey left us, until scrutineers want to apply their own seals.


Just writing to let you know we offer a full range of services fromengine health checks to performance testing and cam belt changes.  For those of you that just want a healthcheck, we can carry out a borescope (view inside your cylinders without removingthe head), cylinder leakage test, valve clearance check and cam timingcheck.  This is a non-intrusive testwhich doesn’t check crankshaft bearing condition but apart from that gives youan idea of the condition of your engine.


Generally the Sigma is a great engine but as a weak point we have seenengines suffer problems with crankshaft bearings.   This isn’t through oil starvation but justbearings de-laminating which would lead to an engine failure if not dealt with.  Other than that pitted exhaust valve seatsand some wear in valve guides are other issues we have seen.  Customers reporting they have issues fillingtheir oil catch tanks with oil during races is also something we’ve heardabout, although this isn’t something we hear about once we’ve rebuilt theengine.


Caterham supply their engines we believe with synthetic oil.  Synthetic oil is engineered to reduce enginewear.  Engine wear is required to allowcomponents like piston rings to “bed in”. To run in one of our engines, we use running in oil and a rolling roadthat runs the engine, in the car through various drive cycles to load theengine and run the engine in.  Because aCaterham is a very light car, you would struggle to do this on the track or onthe road.  On the rolling road, the caris strapped done and loaded up so the engine can be put under heavier loads forlonger.  This doesn’t damage the engine,only allowing components to bed in properly. The net result is an engine that performs properly and that isn’tgenerating crankcase pressure due to leaking pistons rings and glazed cylinderbores.  


We also offer an exchange engine service, whereby we strip your engineand give you an estimate to rebuild it. We have engines on the shelf that have been completely rebuilt to ourhigh standards and that require running in. The price you pay is the cost to rebuild your engine, but what youreceive in this instance is an overhauled engine that’s ready for runningin.  So you get an engine back in areduced time than having to wait for yours to be rebuilt.  This service was aimed at helping customersduring the season although we are happy to offer this during the closed seasonif it helps.  Currently our exchangeengines just require dress items or Caterham parts to complete them.  These are usually removed, inspected and cleanedfrom your engine and then fitted to our engine before installation to your car.


As part of our rebuild service we also carry out an engine sign off onthe rolling road.  Once the engine is runin, we then perform a power test, giving you a power and torque curve for yourengines performance.  This will be loggedon our system and should you ever feel you’ve had an “off” result one weekendand doubt your engine, the car can simply be returned to the rolling road foranother test.  The result of this caneither result in a further health check of the engine, or as is often the case,focus your attention on another area of the car or your driving.


So you are a busy person who works hard during the week to earn moneyto go racing.  “When do I get time towork on my race car!!”.  Premier Poweroffer a complete service of engine removal, rebuild, re-install, transport andsupport to the rolling road and return to our workshop.  Customers who want to reduce their costs canwork with us if they wish by delivering the car to the rolling road themselvesand overseeing this part of the job. Should you require we can also store your car whilst it’s having workcarried out, we can offer to do this is our secure and fully insured facility.  If you want gearboxes, diffs or dampersremoving or any other car related work doing, we are happy to assist withthis.  We can also arrange collection anddelivery of your race car if required.


So why am I writing this now? We are now heading into our busy period and I want to make sure yourrequirements for the new season are met. Our order book is starting to get busy and I don’t want customersleaving it until February or March before they realize the 2020 season is uponus.


For your 2020 requirements please call Stuart on 07712 530858 or email[email protected].  We look forward to hearing from you J.


Thank you for taking the time to read this thread.

Stuart Cresswell [email protected] on 22 October 2019 at 09:25Link

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