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Caterham Graduates Racing Club - summary for regulation changes for 2018

1. Caterham Graduates Classes

Classes have been re-structured to allow all current and previous Caterham Championship cars with Sigma engines to race with the Caterham Graduates Racing Club.
Sigma Graduates Class, include 3 sub-classes:

Sigma - Cars to the specification of the 2017 Sigma Graduates Class, including cars with VCT and non-VCT engines. VCT cars will continue to carry a higher minimum weight and run without cold air intake.

Sigma VCT - A year 2014 onwards Academy specification car may compete in this sub-class, with any or all the modification that are applied to an Academy specification car to meet the current or previous Caterham 270R Championship Regulations.

Sigmax VCT - A year 2014 onwards Academy specification car may compete in this sub-class, with any or all the modification that are applied to an Academy specification car to meet the current or previous Caterham 310R Championship Regulations.

Trophies will be awarded at each race depending on the number of starters in each sub-class.
Points will be scored in each sub-class depending on the number of starters in each sub-class.
Championship trophies will not be awarded to sub-classes but will be awarded to the Sigma Graduates class based on points scored regardless of sub-class.

Mega Graduates Class
The Mega Graduates Class will incorporate Super Graduates specification cars with none, some or all, of the modifications permitted for Mega Graduate Class

Classic Graduates Class
Class structure unchanged

Sigmax Graduates Class
Class structure unchanged

2. Race length

The standard scheduled race length will be between 20 and 25 minutes. International meetings are likely to have longer races. “Plus one lap” has been dropped at the request of BARC.

3. "Free practice"

Where race schedules permit, a "free practice" session will be included. Priority will be given to competitors have not taken part in a test day or track day in the week prior to the meeting. If "free practice" is oversubscribed any additional places will be allocated by ballot or other method at the discretion of the organisers.

4. False starts

If a false start results in a time advantage of more than 10 seconds then an additional time penalty will be applied. This additional penalty shall be not less than the time advantage gained.

5. Penalties

The current "3x points multiplier" for a penalty that includes licence points will remain but will be applied at the discretion of the Driving Standards Team. This change has been made to avoid inconsistent Clerking decisions from significantly affecting the championship results.

6. Scrutineering

Cars must be presented for pre-event scrutineering in a clean condition. The scrutineer may refuse to check any car that is not presented in a clean condition. To facilitate examination, helmets should be presented for scrutineering in a clean condition and without FHR devices attached to the helmet. An addition at the request of our scrutineer.

7. Safety

The Caterham race seat (Tillet) must be fitted with additional support behind the head restraint area of the seat to meet the requirements of MSA regulation K13.

FIA approved roll cage padding shall be fitted to the roll cage main hoop, roof diagonal and driver's side cant rail (roof rail to the right of the driver), within 150mm of the driver's helmet.

Where seats are bolted to the chassis floor, mounting shall be in compliance with K2.2. The Caterham floor is aluminium and therefore particular attention should be paid to the installation of bolts and counterplates.

Exhaust guards may be removed but exhaust catalyst guards must be retained for Sigmas.

A Caterham supplied passenger side rear wheel/cockpit protection bar may be fitted.

All cars must be fitted with towing eyes (Q19.1.3). This regulation is unchanged from 2017 but will be enforced in 2018. Claiming that the roll cage may be used for towing is no longer acceptable.

8. Authorised engine builders

  • McMillan Motorsport (All engines)
  • The Classic Car Workshop, Ben Rockey (All engines)
  • Godfrey Racing Support (All engines)
  • Paul Freeman Motor Services (Mega Graduate engines)
  • Caterham Cars Ltd and their appointed agents, (Sigma engines)

9. Minimum weight

The Classes' minimum weights are:
Caterham Classic Graduates Class  610kg
Caterham Sigma sub-class 2008 to 2013  605kg
Caterham Sigma sub-class 2014 onwards  630kg
Caterham Sigma VCT sub-class  615kg
Caterham Sigmax VCT sub-class  615kg
Caterham SigMax-Graduates Class  605kg
Caterham Mega-Graduates Class  600kg

10. Future possible regulation changes

Tyres will remain as 2017, however a replacement tyre for the A048R will be evaluated during 2018 for possible use in 2019.

Roger Ford on 13 December 2017 at 20:45Link

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