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Timetable and final Instructions and are on the BARC website here Read them!

Note there is a briefing for ALL drivers at 8:45. Be there or risk a fine. Eagle-eyed Mega, Super and Sigma drivers may notice that they're due to sign on and attend the briefing at 8:45, then get scrutineered at 8:50. That's obviously not going to work, so go earlier or later (preferably earlier). Exact times are almost never enforced for sign on or scrutineering.

Paddock plan is at the end of the finals, we have the area to the right as you enter the main paddock. If that's not enough space we can overflow into the area marked "Overflow Paddock". Please don't park up anywhere else - the other groups WILL require you to move.  We may issue or more detailed paddock plan later in the week, or we may just leave people to sort themselves out.

Camera tethers: MSA regs say that scrutineers can require cameras to have a secondary tether. I understand this is to be enforced for GoPro-style cameras at Cadwell (but not for small "bullet" cameras). As I see it the options are:

  1. A cable tie round the main body of the camera which acts as the anchor for more cable ties or a strap to the roll cage. This will, of course, make it harder to access the memory card and/or battery, but is the easiest option with "what you have on the day".
  2. A commercial GoPro tether which attaches to the camera via a sticky plate or looped around the mounting screw
  3. If you have lock wire and lock wire pliers, make your own lanyard like I did here
  4. Andrew managed to get a wire lanyard round this door closing mechanism on his GoPro - see pic here
Zandvoort Entries

Don't forget, normal entries for Zandvoort open tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7pm sharp. See post here for more details.

Donington Endurance

Reduced-price entry to the endurance was extended to this Wednesday (until 12:00 midday, I believe).  If you're considering entering but don't have a team organised, please let Tristan know urgently, and he'll try to match you into a team. You don't have to be a current (or even past) Grads member to enter, but you do of course need an MSA licence.

Roger Ford on 08 May 2017 at 21:10Link

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