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CATERING AT SILVERSTONE. - first meeting of the Season and Cathy and I cant wait to see you all.

There will be unlimited tea, coffee and biscuits available for everyone on Friday, Saturday and Sunday as usual. On race days a light breakfast of cereals and fruit will be available and tea time cakes at Prize Giving. 

BREAKFAST TICKET - In addition to the light breakfast Drivers will be able to buy a Breakfast Ticket this weekend. The £4 charge will entitle you to a bacon or sausage sandwich on Saturday and Sunday.

You must however, pre book your Breakfast Tickets and collect and pay for them on Friday as tickets will not be available on race days. 

LUNCH SATURDAY AND SUNDAY - a hot lunch will be served between 12 and 2, please keep an eye on the notice board as times may be affected by the Race Time Table. Also you will be able to see the menu for that day.

Only Drivers who are Racing Club Members and their guests are entitled to lunch. Drivers must let me know in advance if they have any extra guests attending the weekend and they would like them to be included for lunchtime food. Please note - Social Members are not entitled to food and should they wish to be included the charges below apply.

CHARGES -There is no extra charge for one guest who is with a Racing Club Member ( a wristband will be required though ) but there is a charge of £7.50 per head for any other adults and children over 12 years. For children aged between 5 and 12 the charge is £5 per head and no charge for under 5's. 

WRISTBANDS - All guests need to have a wristband and these can be collected and paid for, where applicable, from myself or Cath in the CGRC Hospitality area. 

TO PRE BOOK Guests or Breakfast Tickets please email me at or send a text to 07960159979

GAIL Hiskey on 26 March 2019 at 01:21Link

Croft R3&4 - Resurfacing commenced today, and apart from the run-off areas, the whole track should be resurfaced in time for our test day on 12th April.

Mark Carter on 25 March 2019 at 18:51Link

Silverstone R1&2 - Version 5 of the Final Instructions here and now includes Version 3 of the Timetable!

Still nothing in the Final Instructions regarding the Classics, so again; will there be a two row gap between Classics and the Mega, 125 and 135 cars, as per Item 2.5.4 of our Regulations, with all cars starting on the lights?

Mark Carter on 25 March 2019 at 18:16Link

Very sad to hear about Paul :-(

Suzie on 25 March 2019 at 18:11Link

Any spare tickets for the weekend would be gratefully received and very much appreciated.  Many thanks.

Suzie on 25 March 2019 at 18:04Link

Silverstone testing - from the email from Silverstone, access from 8pm on Thursday, you can wait in the outer car park outside the main entrance before 8pm. Once the circuit is open, entry is via the West 10 Entrance to avoid building work. See the map sent by Silverstone. Note that there is also a 'pass' on the last page of the confirmation which you are supposed to display.

Charles on 25 March 2019 at 16:27Link

Pizza in the Paddock - Saturday evening @ 6.30pm.

We are very pleased to inform everyone that there will be Free Pizza @ Silverstone on Saturday evening, thanks to one of our sponsors.

Downing IP( would like to introduce the paddock to their client Monsta Pizza (

Monsta Pizza makes fine hand-made pizza, whereas Downing IP helps businesses secure and defend their innovative ideas and their brands. Monsta are emphatically nothing whatsoever to do with Monster Energy Drinks, and thanks to Downing IP they now have a succession of judgements in their favour to prove it. If you’d like an in-depth analysis of why there is no chance of confusion between the two businesses then do feel free to ask Michael, although we should warn you that he noted that the pizza is likely to be more interesting...

Food will be served from about 6:30 onwards, feel free to bring something to drink - although if you like energy drinks, please stick to Red Bull…

Mark Jones on 25 March 2019 at 11:55Link

Silverstone Testing Garages

The circuit asked for the garage plan and are assigning Friday garages in accordance with our plan so you shouldnt' have to move.


Barry White on 23 March 2019 at 21:36Link

Thanks for letting us know Nick, that is sad news. Please pass on my best wishes to Paul's family.

Charles on 23 March 2019 at 19:47Link

Dear racing friends, 


It is with sadness that I have to inform you of the passing of  2010 Mega Graduate Champion Paul Turley.

Paul started racing Super Graduates in 2008 after previously competing in oval racing. He had a successful first seasons in Super’s with three podiums and in 2009 he improved again to finish 4th in the championship with four podiums places.

In 2010 Paul moved up to the Mega Grad Class, winning the championship in dominant form an with one round to go.

Paul then had a Graduates sabbatical straying to the R300 official Caterham Championship but was soon to return to the Grads fold. 


Paul’s final year in racing was with Grads in 2013 season in the new, at that time, Sigmax Chamionship, he only competed in 6 of the rounds winning three races with two 2ndand two 3rdplaces. Sadly illness cut short his final season with his last race being at Donington.


A true rainmiester some of Paul’s most memorable races were in the wet,

such as Spa, and Castle Combe. His most memorable win in his last season was in torrential rain at Oulton Park in 2013 leading the field by some 20 seconds to take the chequered flag.

Paul was an intensely private man and his love of racing and all things motorised was only surpassed by his love for his family.

Paul died on the 22ndof March 2019 peacefully in his sleep after a long and heroic battle against cancer. 



Nick Pancisi on 23 March 2019 at 17:13Link

DECALS UPDATE - all decals have now been posted to those who selected this option on the order form.

Please note they now include the RYAN decals that were not available in the packs handed out at the track day.

For those picking up decals at the Silverstone test day, please collect from Pete Godfrey or me on Friday afternoon, or if not please see Pete first thing Saturday morning.

GRS will be holding the spares stock throughout the season - spares will be available on test or race days.

Any queries please contact me. 


Andrew Outterside on 22 March 2019 at 22:03Link

Thanks for the info Charles and Andrew.

Steve Arnell on 22 March 2019 at 16:27Link

Steve - if you are not using a garage for testing I suggest you set up on the far side (right hand side) of the paddock, away from the entrance to the pit garages.

Some of the guys have booked garages for testing and there should be the opportunity to share for a small cost or a bottle or 2? There was a post on the Facebook Community page about it.


Andrew Outterside on 22 March 2019 at 13:10Link

Hi Steve - there is never a paddock plan for Friday and Silverstone has sold the garages for testing. If you have booked one you should be able to use the space behind it (leaving a fire lane clear) but if not, you will just need to find somewhere else in the paddock. On the race weekend, everyone has allocated garages and in theory, you should be able to use the space behind it.  Space at the Wing is always a challenge and private cars will almost certainly have to park in the (nearby) car park.

Charles on 22 March 2019 at 13:07Link

Is there a paddock plan or should I just assume that the space behind the allocated garage is for our use? The question is mainly for Friday testing setup.

Steve Arnell on 22 March 2019 at 10:50Link

Here is the garage plan for Silverstone

JohnB on 22 March 2019 at 09:41Link

Darren - it's ranked by receipt of paid entry and if we need to find out we would ask BARC.

No worries if you have paid for your entry as we currently have 45 entries and the limit for practice is licenced grid capacity (44) plus 20%.

Andrew Outterside on 21 March 2019 at 20:44Link

Glenn - the draft timetable (we are currently on v.4) has Race 2 finishing at 13.40. 

But as you know the timetable remains provisional......


Andrew Outterside on 21 March 2019 at 20:27Link

Glen I'm hoping to be back by Tuesday.

Daren on 21 March 2019 at 20:03Link

Hello - do we have any idea what time we might be finished at Zandvoort in July?

glenn on 21 March 2019 at 10:43Link

Given Free practice is supposed to be based on when you entered, how do we know if we're entitled to make use of it? 

darreng on 21 March 2019 at 10:40Link

Using a small memory card in your action cam? Prices have plummeted recently. Get a quality 32GB card for a fiver, or two for £8.99 - see here  If you're recording 4K you might want a faster U3 one though - such as the Samsung 64GB for £11.69 here

Roger's Bargains on 20 March 2019 at 22:48Link

Silverstone R1&2 - link to Version 4 of the Final Instructions, and link to Version 3 of the Timetable.

The Championship Briefing is shown at the same time (09:30) and at same place (1st Floor Auditorium) as the new driver briefing!

Also, will there be a two row gap between Classics and the Mega, 125 and 135 cars, as per Item 2.5.4 of the Regulations, with all cars starting on the lights?

Mark Carter on 20 March 2019 at 16:02Link

Racekeeper HE system - just reduced down to £500 ono on For Sale page..

Ian Anderson on 20 March 2019 at 12:54Link

Marc - if you are testing on Friday Keith may be able to do you and others Friday late afternoon.

Andrew Outterside on 19 March 2019 at 17:06Link

Ref Silverstone timetable, I know some of us like to get scrutineered nice ‘n’ early, but isn’t that taking it to extremes...?!

MarcN on 19 March 2019 at 17:00Link

Steve - we’ve had a delay with the second batch of the rear panel decal. Received today so should be posted tomorrow to all those who requested postal delivery.

Andrew Outterside on 19 March 2019 at 13:49Link

I booked last Tuesday but haven't received anything from BARC yet. Does anyone know if the Decals have been posted out?

Steve Arnell on 19 March 2019 at 13:17Link

Silverstone R1&2 - Link for Version 2 of the Timetable, which gives the correct session lengths, but doesn't state our grid split. Everyone who booked before last weekend, should now have received 4 competitor tickets and a paddock pass from BARC.

Mark Carter on 19 March 2019 at 11:06Link

And I'm not secretary@...., oops.

Charles on 16 March 2019 at 12:49Link

For those travelling up tonight / this afternoon, any good suggestions for where to leave cars? I assume the outer car park will be available but that doesn't have any security.

Charles on 16 March 2019 at 12:49Link

Silverstone R1&2 - link for Version 3 of the Final Instructions on the new BARC website.

Mark Carter on 15 March 2019 at 13:04Link

Thanks for the offers for MiniLites but I have already sources some

JohnB on 12 March 2019 at 15:18Link

I also have a set of 4 minilites with worn but usable Yoko A048's, all matching silver.  Can bring to Silverstone.

Nick Haryett on 12 March 2019 at 13:09Link

Croft Testing on Friday 12th April is now up on their website:

Adam on 12 March 2019 at 12:54Link

I just so happen to have a set of Minilites surplus to requirements (with worn Yoko 48's). And I'm only just down the road form Peterborough... ahem! 3 black, 1 silver. All round. John if you would like a replacement set, or if anyone wants a testing set, please make me an offer. Can bring to Silverstone.

Jamie on 11 March 2019 at 17:48Link

Gareth, If anyone from the Peterborough area offers you some (complete with Yoko 48's) can you please ask them to give them back to me - along with the set of Minilites they nicked at the same time  - Mr Grumpy

JohnB on 11 March 2019 at 16:22Link

Thanks to all for the offers of Belts, looks like we have managed to source what we need. 

Still looking for headlamp brackets if anyone has any left over?

Ian & Amanda

Ian Anderson on 11 March 2019 at 13:20Link

Advice please!! My seat belts show "Date of expiry 2019". Does this mean they are expired or expiring end of 2019?

Jamie on 11 March 2019 at 12:51Link

Would anyone have a pair of headlamp mounting brackets they would be prepared to part with? 

Also looking for a pair of recently out of date harnesses in good condition, suitable for road use?

Can collect from Silverstone Trackday.


Ian & Amanda on 10 March 2019 at 14:01Link

If anyone has a spare 8 spoke rim that is surplus to requirements, it would be gratefully received - must be round! but condition immaterial - thanks

Gareth Cordey on 09 March 2019 at 16:43Link

Charles - no it’s not right. There are various things to sort out with BARC re the FI’s and Timetable, we’re working on it.

Andrew Outterside on 07 March 2019 at 13:49Link

15 mins qualifying at Silverstone, is that correct - email yesterday said most would be 20 minutes.

Charles on 07 March 2019 at 13:42Link

Adam - on line via BARC - all Racing Members have been registered on the BARC system. See Barry’s email yesterday to all Racing Members.

Andrew Outterside on 07 March 2019 at 13:20Link

I'm a few years out of date ;-) Are race entries now online or still paper based?  Not sure where to start looking for Silverstone!

Adam Bettinson on 07 March 2019 at 13:00Link

Silverstone R1&2 - Link for Final Instructions. Version 1 of the Provisional Timetable is on Page 5.

Mark Carter on 06 March 2019 at 20:33Link

Closed wheel

Charles on 06 March 2019 at 17:11Link

Hi can anybody tell me if a Caterham is classed as open or closed wheel car for testing. Thanks Malcolm

Malcolm Clark on 06 March 2019 at 16:59Link

Thanks to all those who have placed their decal order. For those that remain to do please let us have it by this Friday. 

See the Club email of 1st March or go directly to the order form via this link>

Andrew Outterside on 05 March 2019 at 14:10Link

Sorry Gareth, they went a couple of minutes after my post (obviously too cheap!)

Charles on 05 March 2019 at 02:07Link

When will we know what available space we have to put our own stickers on our cars? I cannot get a sticker designed at the moments and so am doubtful I can complete the job by weekend (the last before Silverstone). Thank you in advance for a prompt reply.

Peter Tattersall peter @ on 04 March 2019 at 20:44Link

Charles, I'll take the pads if you could bring them to the trackday - thanks

Gareth Cordey on 04 March 2019 at 11:51Link

I have orange and green narrow track imperial ARBs - are they any use to anyone?

I also have a pair of rear Mintex 1144 pads, still sealed in the box. Say £30? Can bring them to Silverstone track day.

Charles on 04 March 2019 at 07:12Link

If you are still getting your car ready for the season there are a whole lot of spares just been listed on the "for sale" page.

Everything from 2 sets of wheels (one with a brand new set of Yoko's)  to a Racekeeper HE camera system.

All taken from a 2015 Sigma (so all Metric where applicable) that's being converted back to Road use. Most items could be brought to the Track day if required.

Open to offers - always up for a deal. if there is anything else that anyone is looking for we have stacks of small items from new boxed oil filters to switches, cables, extinguisher etc etc. Just email what you are looking for as we may well have one!

Ian & Amanda - ex Grads

Ian Anderson on 02 March 2019 at 21:31Link

Thanks CB, I think the Schroth one I have is the same version sold by Caterham so will check with them.  If anyone happens to have a Luke version to hand they can measure that will also help!

Adam Bettinson on 27 February 2019 at 07:39Link

It depends...

Schroth do have a mounting kit that uses the same size bolts. They also have one that doesn't. When I got mine I had to have the mounting kit changed.

CB on 26 February 2019 at 19:42Link

Does anyone know if the harness bolts + spacers for a Caterham/Luke harness fit a Schroth harness?  Car currently has the Caterham item fitted but I now have a Schroth one to go in, the holes in the Schroth harness mounting plates are 13mm

Adam Bettinson adambettinson outlook com on 26 February 2019 at 18:27Link

I have no idea why my previous post came out with a large font. I had typed it elsewhere and copy ‘n’ pasted it.

Peter Tattersall Peter @ TrackTeach. Com on 24 February 2019 at 20:32Link

Last August Bank Holiday I went to Hope, near Chester in Wales, where there is an ongoing project to create an ancient Roman fort, using techniques that are the closest approximation of how such forts were originally constructed. This project is called Park in the Past.

The gateway was put up and I was involved in the back-breaking work of digging a section of entrenchment. This was very rewarding and I made quite a few new friends. I was the only 'uneducated' person there (my word), but was made to feel very welcome by all. Some of the ancient food was delicious.

I would like to do something to help raise awareness, so I have already suggested that they put in appearance at Anglesey, where the GCRC will be racing on the Saturday and some of us will also compete int the subsequent Citroen C1 24-hour race. I thought it would be nice to invite them to the CGRC track day on Sunday 17th March, where they could receive passenger rides. I have spoken to Andrew Outterside and Harry Cramer, who are both happy with the idea, as is Paul Hairston on Park in the Past.

Volunteers come from all over the country and so there is no way of knowing who can commit to the time and distance. Most of those that do arrive will more than likely be happy to appear in period attire and we should get some excellent publicity photographs and videos for all parties.

I'm being cheeky and asking if any other Grads would be willing to take out passengers for a ride? I may also have other people, from work and from my caravan site, so I'm going to be busy. Included is a gentleman who allows members of the public to drive his E-Type and his Caterham for an annual charity event.

Peter Tattersall Peter @ TrackTeach. ComQ on 24 February 2019 at 20:30Link


Thanks for the info on the brake pads - all ordered and received now.

I am not sure that i could cope or want to find out what “real” Caterham racing is like! The largely 2 day celendar remains a barrier to entry for me and, anyway, the car is no longer in Graduate spec, having been fitted with an LSD, lightweight flywheel and ali tonneau cover. If you had an “Open Class”, i might consider a guest appearance in the future.

Thanks for the help again


Andy Yeomans on 22 February 2019 at 15:11Link

John - if you look at Section 1.5 of the Regs, all the race weekends are over two days apart from Anglesey on 7th September, where a 24-hour Citroen C1 race will be held after Saturday's races.

Mark Carter on 21 February 2019 at 19:13Link

Now that the regs have been ratified and the calendar confirmed, do we know if Croft is one or two days?

JohnB on 21 February 2019 at 16:23Link

Michael, Sometime the stickers are the only thing still attached to your bodywork

JohnB on 21 February 2019 at 16:22Link

I dream of the day when I end the season with some sponsor stickers still attached to usable bodywork :-D

Michael Downing on 20 February 2019 at 22:37Link

Simon - you can remove APL Health / Smart Clinic / Torque Motorsport / Rockey Racing / Rutherford Briant / Yorkshire Wine Rascal and Roofline (Roofline is being relocated).


Andrew Outterside on 20 February 2019 at 09:01Link

Gareth / All

Our 2019 Championship Regulations have been approved by Motorsport UK and have been uploaded to the web site, where they can be found under the "Comp Info" tab. Here is the direct link -

Andrew Outterside on 20 February 2019 at 08:57Link

My BARC membership card has already arrived, and then been replaced with one aligned to the calendar year

CB on 19 February 2019 at 20:14Link

I've already received the notification of my 'success' in being re-elected to BARC, and telling me that they are aligning everything to the calendar year going forwards. However, no membership card yet and from memory, it's normally April that they get sent out.

Charles on 19 February 2019 at 15:28Link

Gareth - No, incorrect, the race calendar and regulations have to be ratified by Motorsport UK (formerly the MSA) as the National Governing Body for motorsport, not BARC.

Mark Carter on 19 February 2019 at 12:41Link

Am I assuming correctly, that as we are still waiting for everything to be ratifed by BARC, including the calendar!, that membership renewals will be sent out after this? - thanks

Gareth Cordey on 19 February 2019 at 12:13Link



2019 Sponsors - I note your comments made in December on this matter, and the plan to make an announcement on this in early March. 

Whilst I appreciate I'm a bit early, are you in a position to tell atleast  which 2018 sponsors decals we can remove from our cars now please?


Simon Wilson 

Andrew Outterside on 18 February 2019 at 20:03Link

Good afternoon everyone,

Hopefully, you'll allfeel invigorated to get racing, after watching today'spre-season testing that Formula 1 hasbeen conducting at Barcelona.

Out of the 57 registereddrivers of 2019, below is the breakdown of numbers attending the first raceweekend of the season at Silverstone International on 30th and 31stMarch;

36 people have said they will “Definitely”. This leaves a mixture of 21 drivers that are somewherebetween “Very Probably” and “Definitely Not”… with 7 people not completingtheir race schedules at all.

Please, could theremaining 21 drivers update their race schedules as soon as practically possible?Preferably with “Definitely” or “Definitely Not” where possible.

This is important to determine the number of grids required,along with catering estimates etc.


Mark Johnson - on 18 February 2019 at 14:17Link

Andy - Brake Pads:- Fronts - Mintex 535F6R 1440 and Rears - Mintex MDB1287 M1144.

Does this mean you're joining us this year in your Mega? 

You can enter as a guest at the CGRC meetings which don't overlap the Mag7's meetings - it would give you some real Caterham racing experience! 

Peter Marsh on 15 February 2019 at 18:06Link

Would anyone like to go halves on Silverstone testing? So 2 x 30 minute sessions each. I've spoke to Silverstone and they said its ok to just swap the stickers over on the car aslong as an additional driver is booked. Unfortunately due to work commitments I'm unable to get there for the morning, so if anyone would like to take the 2 morning sessions drop me a message, 07528554064.Cheers,Luke  

Luke Balmforth on 14 February 2019 at 10:04Link


Can anyone tell me what brake pads (type and part number) I need to get for a 2002 K Series MegaGrad please.

Many thanks


Andy Yeomans on 12 February 2019 at 12:41Link

Sorry, didn’t check the obvious thing. 

Charles on 12 February 2019 at 07:31Link

Yes, those are indeed the 2018 Regs, complete with the 2018 Race Calendar! 

Mark Carter on 11 February 2019 at 19:34Link

Aren't those the 2018 regs?

CB on 11 February 2019 at 19:00Link

The published version of our regs is on the BARC site:

Charles on 11 February 2019 at 15:32Link

Isn't it very late in the day to be confirming the calendar?  After all it is almost the middle of February.  It makes it much more expensive booking accommodation etc :-(

Suzie on 11 February 2019 at 12:24Link

Chris - the Sporting and Technical Regulations need to be signed off by Motorsport UK (formerly the MSA) before anything can be formally confirmed by the Club. Whilst no longer involved in the process, I have no reason to doubt that this will happen without change. At that time, the race calendar will be confirmed, and race entry will open.

Mark Carter on 08 February 2019 at 21:48Link

I have just put my spare Mega Grad engine up in the For Sale section.

Upgraded from my Supergrad championship winning engine in 2018 and raced 4 weekends last year. Won at Spa in Simon Griffiths car. 

Contact me if interested. Currently at Mcmillan Motors - can easily be transported anywhere to suit

Toby Briant on 08 February 2019 at 18:48Link

Chris, the BARC (or the club if they are running it) will open the books soon. In fact, if you give them a call, they may already be taking bookings. I doubt it, but they will at least tell you when they are likely to receive payments.

Peter Tattersall Peter @ TrackTeach . Com on 08 February 2019 at 18:31Link

Adam, I have the Simpson and am very happy with it. The big advantage is that I didn’t need to pay large amounts of money to modify the chassis, which also means that the Simpson can be used in other cars.

Peter Tattersall Peter @ TrackTeach . com on 08 February 2019 at 18:26Link

When will the race entry forms be ready? And will they be on here?

Chris Dear on 08 February 2019 at 18:04Link

Hi all, 

Just 10 spaces left on the pre-season trackday. There are 70 Caterhams booked in already, pretty much all grads or CM race drivers, so should make a great day out. 

Join the party here: 

Harry Cramer on 08 February 2019 at 14:22Link

For advice I would certainly talk to

CB on 08 February 2019 at 10:02Link

Any recommended suppliers to buy an FHR device from? Both for advice and price!

Tempted by a Simpson harness but quite pricey

Adam Bettinson adambettinson outlook com on 07 February 2019 at 21:23Link

do we have the final 2019 regs yet? i cant find them on the site but i may be being dense

Chris Dear on 07 February 2019 at 12:59Link

If anyone fancies a contemporary home in the Cotswolds we are selling! is our website

Some of you will have visited over the years.

It goes to market later this week


PS anyone fancy refurbing my old Caterham Trailer can have it cheap.

Mike Fesemeyer on 05 February 2019 at 11:28Link

Thanks Adam, that explains it!

Charles on 03 February 2019 at 13:21Link

Hi Charles,

I have booked Silverstone Testing, it is not very clear ... However, the better value 6 x 30 min is on the National Circuit NOT the International Circuit which we will be racing on. The 4 x 30 min, closed well International Circuit is the right option.

Adam on 01 February 2019 at 10:00Link

Silverstone testing - has anyone booked yet? There is one option for 4 x 30 min sessions and one for 6 x 30 min sessions but the site implies that the 4 session one is for BARC competitors. Is that right? (The 6 session one is better value!!)

Charles on 01 February 2019 at 09:08Link

Echo Ben's comments

DarrenG on 29 January 2019 at 11:53Link

Sorry to hear that you’re stepping down Mark. Thank you for all the time and effort you’ve put into the club in recent years. 

Ben Winrow on 28 January 2019 at 23:01Link

Congratulations John. A great addition to the board!

Kevin Barrett on 28 January 2019 at 22:38Link

With Mark’s recent decision to step down from the CGRC Board I am delighted to announce that John Benfield has been co-opted to the Board.

John has been racing since 1998, starting with the 750 Motor Club and then joining CGRC in 2012, racing in the Mega Graduate class.

John’s background is in IT and he is looking forward to working with the Board and bringing his skills to bear to help us.

Barry White on 28 January 2019 at 21:10Link

Silverstone Test Day on Friday 29th March now up on their website. 

Adam on 27 January 2019 at 16:28Link

Mark Carter is standing down from the CGRC Exec and the Board, as having three voluntary roles has become one too many!

I would like to thank Mark for his considerable contribution to the Club over the last 5 years.


Barry White on 27 January 2019 at 11:18Link

Wanted: standard type9 gearbox (super) if anyone has one lying around! I have a mega box I am looking to sell/swap/exchange thanks! 

Guy H on 25 January 2019 at 13:24Link

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